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Ari & Alex


Meet Ari -

Hey guys, I'm Ari. I'm 30 years old and born and raised here in Dutchess County I was born into a family-owned restaurant as many know of The Milanese Italian Restaurant in Poughkeepsie. From as young as I can remember, I always enjoyed socializing with customers and getting to know new people. I started bussing tables when I was 14 years old and worked my way up the totem pole. I’ve worked in many restaurants in all different positions. I earned my bachelor’s from SUNY New Paltz in 2015, but never had the heart to leave the restaurant industry. My love for the people and the environment kept me. I love serving people and making them feel at home in any atmosphere I work in, and I hope to bring that feeling into our new business for all our new & old customers! 

Meet Alex-

Alex is 29 years old and part owner of The Bar on West & Main. She was born and raised in Kingston, NY until starting this adventure. Alex worked in Pleasant Valley for 8 years while still working and living in Kingston. She started her first waitress job at the age of 15 at Friendly’s. This is where Alex found she had an act for quick and effective customer service. Years later, Alex managed 3 restaurants in her 13 years of working in the service industry. It brings Alex joy to make other people happy and that’s what she hopes to bring to this town through all our hard work for our new bar/restaurant!